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Third video shows Canton cop making death threats

Officer Daniel Harless is heard on dash cam threatening to kill a passenger

By PoliceOne Staff

CANTON, Ohio — Another video has surfaced showing Canton police officer Daniel Harless threatening passengers during a traffic stop, which is the third time he has been caught on camera exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Harless is heard on dash cam threatening to kill a passenger he and his partner had pulled over.

“If you scratch you balls wrong, I’m going to pull my gun and I am going to shoot you,” he said. “I’m so close to caving in your (expletive) head.”

An internal affairs investigation found that Harless violated three department rules and regulations during the December incident: deportment, cooperation with the public, and treatment of persons in custody.

Investigators also found Harless violated the same three rules during two other stops where he was captured on dash cam exhibiting similar behavior, according to WEWS. Harless received national attention when the other two videos went viral in July.

Canton police records show there have been 18 internal affairs complaints against Harless since 2000, and in each case, he was exonerated.

Harless is currently on administrative leave, and a hearing is scheduled for September 7.

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