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Miami cop fired for 'unjustified' shooting of man

The officer fired 3 shots when the suspect he was approaching reached for a black object later identified as his phone

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI — An officer was fired Wednesday from the Miami Police Department after a review board found that he used “unjustified” deadly force in the February 2011 shooting of a suspect.

Reynaldo Goyos was among a multi-agency task force that was targeting gang members the night he opened fire on Travis McNeil after seeing a “black object” on his person that ended up being his cell phone, according to the South Florida Times.

Goyos had been tailing McNeil and his cousin in their vehicle because they appeared intoxicated. Goyos pulled the vehicle over and approached them, yelling “Show me your hands!” and “Don’t do it!” before shooting three times into the driver’s side of McNeil’s car, according to reports.

The review board found the shooting was in violation of the department's deadly force policy because neither Goyos nor anyone else "was in imminent danger of death or serious physical injury" when the officer opened fire.

The review board also ruled that the officer "should have never approached the vehicle, but instead should have retreated and followed all training protocols regarding felony stops involving armed subjects or vehicles."

However, Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz blasted the decision that he said would not stick. The union intends to appeal, according to the article.

Ortiz said Goyos, a seven-year veteran, had been put into harm's way by a federal agent driving the vehicle carrying both of them. He also blamed McNeil for his own death, claiming he didn't follow the officer's command, the article said.  

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