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NJ cop: 'Gangsta rap' video controversy is ridiculous

The officer claims the video was never meant to be offensive or made public

By PoliceOne Staff

IRVINGTON, N.J. — A New Jersey cop who moonlights as a rapper has criticized the investigation resulting from his viral music videos.

Maurice Gattison, who raps under the stage name "Gat the Great," says the videos, which some claim contain homophobic and racial slurs, were never meant to be published to YouTube, according to NewJersey.com.

"The lyrics I used, in no way did I intend for them to be perceived as homophobic," he said. "It’s basically me adapting to the rap culture... just basically slang use.

"If I was at a karaoke night and singing a Tupac song would it come under question then?" he asked.

Police Director Joseph Santiago praised Gattison as an accomplished narcotics investigator, but said he was unsure if his first amendment rights outweighed the damage his music might do to the department’s reputation.

"In terms of private behaviors, if you’re a police officer, you have very little that doesn’t impact on your job," he said.

Gattison and three other officers who appear in the video are under investigation. 

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