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Video: Violent arrest leads to suspension of 3 Okla. cops

The report written of the incident conflicts with what the dashcam footage shows

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI, Okla. — Three police officers were suspended after a police report of a DUI arrest conflicted with the dash cam video of the incident.

Jerry Payne was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving by a Miami police officer when a second officer and state trooper arrived on the scene, according to NewsOn6.

The trooper is seen on the video pulling Payne out of his vehicle and subduing him as a third officer runs onto the scene and knocks into Payne, whose head recoils.

Payne’s lawyer, Josh Lee, says that this is how his client suffered scrapes to his face, despite the police report’s account, which states his face was scratched from being pushed to the ground during his arrest.

Payne’s DUI charges were dropped after the incident, and Lee believes it’s because of what the dash cam video reveals, according to the report.

“Dash cam is the only thing that’s going to try to set the record straight,” Lee said. “I am such a believer in them because of things like this.”

Lee hopes that lawmakers will consider making all dash cams public record.

The Miami police chief told NewsOn6 that both officers seen in the video and their supervisor are on paid leave during an investigation of the footage. The trooper has been suspended. 

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