Cop fired over Ky. dorm room raid

Officials say the officer had inappropriate physical contact with the student during the incident

By PoliceOne Staff

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The investigation of a viral video showing campus police enter a college student’s dorm room after reports that the student tossed alcohol out his window has resulted in the termination of one campus officer.

In a statement released Wednesday, The University of Kentucky Police Department said, "After a thorough internal investigation, the officer in question has been terminated from his employment at the University of Kentucky, effective immediately.

"The officer in question had inappropriate physical contact with a student. The officer, as a result, was in violation of a number of university employment policies.”

The student, Graham Gaddis, recorded the confrontation on his laptop, as officers approached his room and attempted to gain access.

The video shows one officer push through the door and search the room after telling the student he will be expelled for his rude conduct and allegedly throwing alcohol out his window.

The university’s official residence policy allows police to enter dorm rooms but does not allow searches without warrants and permission.


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