Lessons from the Florida hurricanes

The video footage and duty sheet/lesson plan are from the "In the Line of Duty" video Volume 9 Program 8 - "Facing Disaster Part 1"

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Duty Sheet and Lesson Plan

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Lessons from the Florida hurricanes

The brutal 2004 hurricane season yielded helpful tips in planning for and recovering from a natural disaster. Video training producers In the Line of Duty traveled to Charlotte Co., Florida to speak with officers and officials from the Charlotte Co. SO about the lessons they learned from the multiple storms they weathered.

In addition to the intro to the program "Facing Disaster: Part 1," a helpful In the Line of Duty training guide is provided here for you to download. In it you will find disaster tips and preparation strategies along with questions to test your level of disaster readiness. You will also find insights into handling the stress of working the aftermath.

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