Covertly tipping your partner to danger

Situation: You walk up to a car and see something dangerous – like a weapon -- in a place you can’t easily reach. The criminals are not being aggressive (yet), but you would like have the jump on them. To covertly tip off your partner to the weapon without tipping off the criminals first and allowing them to react quicker than the two of you can, try pre-arranging this “coded communication” approach:

When you spot the weapon, say something to your partner and call them by your name. This will tip your partner to the fact that something’s wrong without tipping off the criminals before you can act as a team and get them controlled. You can discuss what the threat is once you have the situation safely under control. If this buys you a second, it is worth it. If you yell “Gun/Knife/Dope” it gives the criminals a chance to react at the same moment as your partner. Take any advantage you can. Be safe out there brothers.

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