Halloween orange and the hunting season

We’ve been seeing a lot of orange around lately. But all those pumpkins on all those front porches should not be the only orange you should be thinking about, particularly if you work in — or nearby — a rural part of our country. 

Fall is now upon us and with that comes the beginnings of hunting season. Some of areas of the country have already experiences their first firearms seasons for big and small game. Firearms deer season like here in Minnesota, will begin in a few short weeks.

If you as work in an area where those firearms seasons are in session or you may be called out into them to assist as a city officer, remember to pack the required blaze orange vest and hat required by hunters. Walking around the woods dressed in brown during elk, deer, bear and moose season is an invitation for disaster.

Spending a couple of bucks for a cheap blaze orange vest and hat to throw in your go bag may be a lifesaving investment. Every year officers respond to calls in the fields and forests during small- and big-game hunting seasons. Every year officers are misidentified and fired at by hunters who fail to properly identify their quarry before they shoot. All too frequently, officers are wounded and killed in these “hunting accidents.”

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