More on enhancing grip strength

Here are a couple of grip strengthing exercises I like to use. Take an old fashion coil spring type hand grip. Instead of squeezing and releasing it for one second or two, over and over try this: Squeeze it until the handles are nearly touching, place a penny between the handles and squeeze them the rest of the way closed. Now continue squeezing to the point of failure when the penny falls out. Repeat this exercise to complete hand exhaustion.

The next exercise helps develop hand strength for shooting: Using the same coil spring hand grip, turn it upside down in the shape of a V. Grip one handle like it's a pistol grip. Use your trigger finger to pull back the other handle just like it was a trigger. Do this 10-12 times. This exercise really helps develop the muscles in your hand needed for trigger control without using the large muscles which can throw off your sight alignment and accuracy.

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