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In Line of Duty’s 10th training program in Volume 7 of their extensive training tape series leads off with footage related to the killing of three officers; two in Kansas City, KS and one in St. Louis, MO. Each officer was killed by a cuffed suspect.


As you watch this clip, keep these points in mind:


1. Even a cuffed suspect can be deadly, particularly if he is cuffed in the front.


Never let your guard down…ever.


2. When searching, take your time and do so diligently and methodically.


Remember to search ALL areas, including waistbands, hat rims, shoes, the groin, all pockets, etc.


3. If you find one weapon, don’t assume it’s the only one the suspect has.


Keep searching. There’s a strong chance you will surface more.


4. Remember that a suspect search shouldn’t be limited to his/her body.


As you’ll see in the tape, seemingly harmless things they’re carrying can harbor weapons as well. In this case, you’ll see instances of secret compartments in hollowed out soda bottles.

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Duty Sheet and Lesson Plan
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The video footage and duty sheet/lesson plan are from the "In the Line of Duty" video Volume 7 Program 10 - "Missed Weapons Lead to Officer Deaths/ Backup: Usual Concealment Areas" Part 1

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