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Pit bull shot after attacks on 2 N.Y. officers

P-1 talked to Cindy Bickle from the Naperville Animal Control at the Naperville (IL) PD. Cindy offers these dog aggression indicators for all dogs, not just pit bulls:

  • Pepper spray or a bite stick may heighten the dog's aggression or response.
  • The same goes for eye contact -- if it's a strong (temperament) breed, "staring them down" will not deter, and will likely incite.
  • There may be no warning signs of an attack. Dogs won't always growel or have any discernable change in facial expression.
  • Stiff legs can can indicate an Alpha dog or a strong personality.
  • Tail held level or high, not tucked or in "normal" stance for that breed of dog.
  • A wagging tail does NOT always mean the dog is friendly or approachable.
  • When confronted by an aggressive dog, your body language IS important:
    Don't run. The less movement the better. (NOTE: There are differing philosophies on this.)
  • Don't yell.
  • Don't flail arms.

By Michael Frazier

EAST MEADOW, N.Y. — An East Meadow man unwilling to accept a ticket for an unlicensed pit bull was arrested after he sicced the dog on two officers, police said yesterday.

A third officer shot and killed the dog as it was about to attack him, police said.

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Full story: Pit bull shot after attacks on 2 N.Y. officers

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