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"We are targets….Be ready!" One officer’s eerie induction into the Survivors' Club

In the dream that repeatedly haunted Ofcr. Jennifer Moore’s nights, the action was always the same: She and her partner are driving down one of the mean streets of their high-crime beat in Phoenix when they spot a white car that looks “wrong.” They pull it over, but before they can exit, occupants of the vehicle start shooting at them….

Each time, Moore bolted awake before the shooting stopped, so she never knew how the attack ended. The dream recurred across several nights before it abruptly passed away with others long forgotten.

Then, “four or five months later,” as she recalls, came eerie echo of what she had imagined in her sleep—the Saturday night in her real life that left her with a permanent reminder of the sudden dangers of the street and earned her membership in a select law enforcement fraternity, the IACP/DuPont Kevlar Survivors’ Club.

She was formally inducted during the chiefs’ recent annual conference in San Diego. Later, in an exclusive interview with PoliceOne, she disclosed details of her brush with death that have not previously been revealed, including her prescient dreams.

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