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Record number of female officers killed in '08

Editor's note: PoliceOne columnist and Street Survival Seminar for Women instructor Betsy Brantner Smith says: There are over 200 women listed on the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial, and yet only nine were killed prior to 1970. This year we will honor 14 more women, and 118 men, who made the ultimate sacrifice in 2008. Vehicle-related incidents topped the list of killers among women cops, followed by gunfire. How can we honor these women? By learning from their sacrifice. Law enforcement is just beginning to embrace gender-specific training and information, a concept that still makes many administrators, trainers, and women, nervous, uncomfortable, even angry.

Often what we hear from female crime fighters is 'I do the same job as men, why do I need different training?!' And yet, at Calibre Press, we're seeing more and more men and women attending Street Survival for Women soley to learn about the differences in brain function, physiology, and psychology between the genders for the purposes of training. Different doesn't mean better or worse, its just means different. Learning to make yourself - male or female - the best warrior you can possibly be has to do with performance, not political correctness. Law enforcement is a brotherhood, and we are all brothers and sisters in the fight for our lives every day we hit the street. Respect each other, honor our fallen, and don't get so caught up in being 'equal' that you overlook how to be 'the best.'

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