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Video: Fla. cop shot in foot and through hat

He was struck in the foot during the shooting and then found a bullet hole directly through his cap after the gunfight

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. — The officer in this video not only took a bullet in the foot, but he also discovered a bullet hole through his hat after the gunfight came to an end.

Surveillance video captured Durall Jessie Miller, 24, threatening officers after being pulled over in a white van. When the two officers exited their unmarked cruiser, Miller opened fire, at which point the driver of the van took off.

Miller tried to jump on the back of the speeding vehicle but failed, forcing him to flee on foot. He was not caught, and police in Miami-Dade are currently looking for him.

The officer is recovering from his injuries.

In the grainy video below, you can see the rounds ricocheting off the roadway.

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