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Violent spree in Ariz. highlights cops' need to stop threat

A police-involved shooting expert says no two situations are the same and a copy may react differently each time

By Donna Rossi

PHOENIX — There were at least four officer-involved shootings in and around the greater Phoenix metro area over the past weekend. Each ended in officers shooting and killing someone. 

On April 19, three Phoenix officers opened fire and killed a suspect who pretended to point a weapon at them. The next day, different Phoenix officers confronted a suspect who did point a gun at them. He, too, was shot and killed. Each time an officer shoots, the decision is made in a split second.

Each officer-involved shooting is unique. No two are the same, according to retired Phoenix police Lt. Rob Robinson. The 27-year police veteran now works as a consultant and expert witness in police involved shootings. The decision, according to Robinson, is based on officer perception — what the officer hears, sees and perceives.

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