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Video: Philly cop interrupts shooting, kills armed suspect

Gunfire erupted right in front of a stunned officer, who shot at a man firing after he refused to acknowledge the cop


GERMANTOWN, Pa. — Officials are investigating the latest police involved shooting and, in this case, they have video surveillance obtained exclusively by Action News. Surveillance video shows a police car pull to the curb behind another car, a gold Nissan.

According to police, it was around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday when an officer stopped along the 4500 block of Wayne Avenue in the city's Germantown section to check on curfew violations in the area. While the officer sat in his car two men got out of the Nissan and began running north up Wayne Avenue. He then observed the driver of the car get out and start shooting at the fleeing men.

The startled officer responded by jumping out of his vehicle and ordering the suspect to drop the gun. Police say the suspect apparently didn't know it was a police car that pulled in behind him, and continued to shoot at the men running from the car. The officer then opened fire on the gunman.

Full Story: Exclusive video of fatal police involved shooting in Germantown

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