Video: Dallas police shoot knife-wielding man

Police report says officer fired on the man after he walked toward police with a knife

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RYLIE, Texas — Dallas police have opened a criminal investigation and placed an officer on indefinite administrative leave after he shot and wounded a mentally ill man.

A police report says Officer Cardan Spencer fired on 52-year-old Bobby Gerald Bennett after he walked toward police with a "knife raised in an aggressive manner."

But WFAA-TV in Dallas released surveillance video Thursday from a neighbor's camera. That video shows Bennett standing as two officers approach him. Seconds later, Spencer fires at the man and he falls to the ground. Bennett remains in a hospital intensive care unit.

Police arrived in the suburban neighborhood on Monday after Bennett's mother, Joyce Jackson, called police and told them that her son, who is a schizophrenic, was angry and pacing the street with a knife.

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