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Video: Ohio police respond to dramatic OIS

Taemarr Walker was fatally shot by police after refusing orders to drop his gun

By PoliceOne Staff

WARREN, Ohio — Dash cam video has been released which details the aftermath of a fatal officer-involved shooting of an armed man Saturday.

Taemarr Walker, 24, was shot and killed by Officer Michael Krafcik after allegedly pulling a gun and refusing to obey the officer’s orders to drop the weapon, according to WFMJ.

The footage, from a second officer’s cruiser as he arrives to the scene, shows the officers escorting the suspect’s hysterical girlfriend to the back of a squad as she repeatedly cries, “Don’t kill me.”

According to the report, the woman was the driver of the vehicle, which lost control and crashed into a ditch before the deadly confrontation.

Krafcik is heard on the video telling paramedics as they arrive on the scene, "The armed subject has a gun in his hand. He's been shot. We have to take care of his gun first before we can establish he's breathing okay? He's (the suspect) wearing rubber gloves."

A tow truck driver who was on the scene during the shooting claimed that the officer warned Walker to drop his weapon “at least ten times.”

Krafcik told another officer Walker had been sitting in the back of the vehicle as his girlfriend drove, armed with a rifle.

"I saw the rifle, he was in the backseat. All this time he was in the backseat and then he dove over the front seat and pulled a handgun from under the front seat. When I saw the gun, I told him if he grabbed the rifle I would shoot him," Krafcik said.

According to the report, dispatch alerted officers shortly after that Walker had a criminal history and was on his way to shoot up a local bar. 

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