Detroit officer dragged, man dead after fleeing traffic stop

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the officer, "fearing for his life," fired one shot from his gun

By Gina Damron and Katrease Stafford
Detroit Free Press

DETROIT — A Detroit police officer was injured Friday after a man drove off during a traffic stop, dragging the officer with the car.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the officer, "fearing for his life," fired one shot from his gun.

The driver, who hit a light pole and flipped the car on Warren, died, but what caused his death is unclear, Craig said. He said it's unclear whether the man was hit by the gunshot or if he succumbed to injuries sustained in the accident.

Detroit Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woody said the driver is approximately 31 years old. Craig said the man is a possible parolee out of Texas.

Police said officers initiated the traffic stop at about 2 p.m. at 31st Street and West Warren when they saw the man driving in the wrong direction.

"When they approached the vehicle, the suspect started not being compliant," Woody said. He said the driver would not hand over his identification.

Woody said an officer then observed narcotics on the passenger seat and alerted his partner. While attempting to get the driver out of the vehicle, he sped off, Woody said.

"The officer was connected to the vehicle and dragged for a short distance," Craig said.

The driver hit a light pole and the car rolled over.

Craig said the officer, who is in special operations in the 10th Precinct, is being treated for injuries.

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