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Pittsburgh's chief complains of a dire lack of vehicles

P1 driving expert Travis Yates responds: "When city budgets are low, the police are an easy target. Cars are an expensive part of that budget so we often see vehicle cutbacks. It appears that Pittsburgh does not assign each of their officers a car. Driving a car on patrol, 24 hours a day is very bad on the car. While it would cost a lot to add enough cars to assign individual officers, the city would see an incredible savings in the future on maintenance and replacement costs.

"All departments benefit from a dedicated tax to pay for equipment such as this. If Pittsburgh had a dedicated tax that bought cars every year, the politicians couldn't touch it and cars would be guaranteed. I believe this is what the citizens would want: Their officers responding to them, in cars that are reliable."

By Rich Lord
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Full story: Pittsburgh's chief complains of a dire lack of vehicles

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