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Tactical planning for every officer

Tactics – Webster defines them as the art of disposing and maneuvering forces in combat. In fact, the word conjures up visions of military officers huddled around huge maps and moving entire armies in combat. So, do tactics have a place in police work? If so, are they just for the Special Operations Teams such as SWAT? You might think that tactics are for the special elite forces as regular officers do not have the training or the time to devote to the planning and maneuvering process required. Right? …WRONG.

There is no doubt that tactical planning can (and does) sometimes become very complicated, but only if you make it so. However, tactics and tactical thinking does not have to be complex. They should be based upon the last principle of war SIMPLICITY. They also need to be adaptable to every situation that you encounter. Are there such tactics? How should they be taught and where do they fit into everyday patrol operations?

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