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W.I.N. – Life’s Most Powerful Question

W.I.N. is a simple but powerful acronym used by the famous college football coach Lou Holtz. It stands for ‘What’s Important Now’? Holtz would remind his players at Notre Dame to ask themselves this question thirty five times a day; when they awakened in the morning, in class and study hall, in the weight room, on the practice field, on the sidelines during a game and when on the field during games.

As law enforcement professionals we need to take a lesson from Coach Holtz and ask ourselves this same question. Every day, in our personal and professional lives, we are faced with a number of choices and decisions – some more critical than others. Our responses to those choices (the decisions we make) can have a lasting impact on our health, relationships, careers and finances. In order for us to achieve excellence in our lives we must ask ourselves this simple, but powerful question throughout every day – What’s Important Now? Doing so forces us to focus on what is important and in the field allows us to prioritize tasks, threats and actions necessary to safely and effectively win each confrontation.

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