P1 First Person: "My life as a cop"

Editor's Note: Several months ago, PoliceOne began to actively seek “first person” essays from law enforcement officers – you can see some of those in recent postings from Tony Luketic, Jason Davis, and Andrew Hawkes, culled from the CopsOnline essay contest – and subsequently have received an array of compositions from our members. We’ll continue posting other top vote-getters from the essay contest as well as the writings of others such as this one from Jason Evans, a field training officer assigned to the patrol division of the Collin County Sheriffs Office in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you would like to tell a personal account on PoliceOne, just send us an email. 

By Jason Evans

I became a police officer nearly fifteen years ago and since the day that I first pinned on the badge of justice my life has been significantly different. I’m sure that other men and women who have chosen the same career path as I have feel unerringly the same way. I have had the great opportunity of working in many different areas in law enforcement. In the past fifteen years I have been a patrol officer, a K9 officer, an undercover narcotics investigator, a patrol and narcotics supervisor, SWAT officer, and I am currently back in the patrol division as a field training officer.

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