P1 First Person: The multiplier effect

Editor's Note: PoliceOne recently launched a new series, “First Person," where P1 columnists and members candidly share their own unique cop’s-eye-view of the world, from personal insights on issues confronting cops today to observations and advice on living life behind the thin blue line. This week’s feature is from Al Baker, Al Baker, a retired NYPD ESU Lieutenant who is also now the President and Founder of Baker Batshield. Do you want to share your own perspective with other P1 Members? Send us an E-mail with your short article.

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By Al Baker, NYPD (retired) Lt., ESU
President, Baker Batshield, Inc.

As we approach the 10-year anniversary next week of the killing spree of two high school students in suburban Columbine, Colorado, consider the re-engineering to educational facilities following that event (and their copy-cat follow-ons). Consider the extent of fear and panic caused by the murderous rampage of two individuals known as The [Washington, DC] Beltway Snipers a few years ago. Consider the universal re-structure of airline travel in the United States since the heretofore unthinkable terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Consider the world-wide focus last November of the four day siege in Mumbai, India—a well choreographed terror plot, in a major population and financial capital—with multiple targets of opportunity—carried out with one major common denominator: simultaneousness.

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