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Chuck Remsberg joins IMPD Career and Leadership Development External Advisory Board

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Blood Lessons author Chuck Remsberg has been appointed to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Career and Leadership Development (CLD) External Advisory Board. Remsberg will serve as the International Law Enforcement Training Specialist on the Advisory Board.

The IMPD created the CLD Initiative to help law enforcement officers at the department achieve their career goals through ongoing professional development and personal growth.

Sergeant Rick Snyder, coordinator for the CLD, says that Remsberg was chosen to serve on the Advisory Board for the quality that he brings to law enforcement training.

Snyder says, “Change agents are what we need as we not only transform our agency, but set the standard for our profession.” In the introduction for Remsberg's recently published book, Blood Lessons, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman also describes Remsberg as a trailblazer in the law enforcement community.

The IMPD says that the CLD is committed to providing the opportunity for sworn and civilian personnel to continuously improve by investing in their performance, allowing for specialization, and enhancing their leadership qualities. CLD focus on four stages of career development: establishment (recruitment/retention), advancement (assisting employees in defining their career goals), maintenance (compensation/recognition), and withdrawal (retirement/transition counseling).

Remsberg will serve on the Advisory Board voluntarily, along with other nationally recognized experts across different law enforcement disciplines. The members will provide feedback and advice relative to the CLD’s vision, strategic direction, programs and curriculum.

“Chuck’s role will be to provide input on best practices regarding law enforcement training concepts, including tactics, leadership development and lessons learned,” Snyder says. “We are specifically interested in his input regarding the development of the IMPD Leadership Academy.”

Remsberg is also a member of the national advisory board for the Force Science Research Center, and a trustee of Americans for Effective Law Enforcement. He is the author of three best-selling books that have changed the face of law enforcement and officer safety, and was the co-founder of Calibre Press and its life-saving Street Survival Seminar. He has received the O.W. Wilson Award for outstanding contributions to law enforcement, from the American Criminal Justice Association and the American Police Hall of Fame Award for distinguished achievement in public service.

Remsberg currently serves as the senior correspondent for PoliceOne.com, the world’s leading law enforcement training and information web site.

For more information, go to the IMPD website.

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