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Hero on the bridge: Va. officer saves woman's life

A Roanoke officer just happened to hear a woman threatening suicide as a train bore down

Roanoke Times

ROANOKE, Va. — Just as a woman flung herself off the 10th Street bridge into the path of an oncoming freight train, Roanoke police Officer N.D. Comas caught her leg.

"Let me die!" she screamed. "Let me die."

Comas, 28, had been patrolling nearby with his car windows down and heard the woman threatening to jump, he said Monday. As a locomotive thundered closer on the railroad tracks 50 feet below, the officer flung open his car door and raced across the bridge. The woman had jumped onto a platform just below the sidewalk, and when she jumped again, he clamped his right hand around the 140-pound woman's leg.

"Her whole body was over the railing," said the well-muscled ex-Marine, a police officer since 2007. With his left hand locked onto the platform's railing, Comas hoisted the struggling woman back onto the platform with one arm. She flailed with a knife in one of her hands, squirming and begging him to let her jump. Still, the police officer kept his grip.

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