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Internet goes nuts after Chicago PD posts photo of old-timey gun

Officers discovered the weapon while carrying out a search warrant

By PoliceOne Staff

CHICAGO — Chicago police discovered marijuana and weapons while carrying out a search warrant, and they announced the seizure with a photo on Twitter Wednesday. But what’s garnering attention on social media is not the amount of drugs or guns, but the type of one of the weapons pictured. 

The photo shows a long barrelled gun that looks like a weapon out of an old Western movie. And Twitter took notice. 

“Damn they booked my guy who came all the way from Jumanji,” one user wrote

Another user asked if they were able to free the “damsel he had tied to the tracks before the train got there.” 

“Can’t wait to hear the Joker has been convicted!”

While it’s unclear whether Chicago police caught Billy the Kid or not, it seems everyone had a laugh with this tweet.

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