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Viral video claims NYPD 'brutality'

Amateur video posted to YouTube shows police responding to an unruly mob outside a New York nightclub

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — Video showing police activities at an incident outside a nightclub in New York has hit YouTube, inciting commentary — and criticism — of NYPD.

In the video, a mob congregates in the street and sidewalk near the club following a rap concert. As more people arrive and grow agitated, police work to quiet and disperse the crowd.

As the situation escalates, a number of subjects refuse to comply with police commands, physically resisting arrest. Working to bring the subjects into custody, officers can be seen employing less lethal weapons and tactics.

Various people can be heard yelling insults at police officers in the video.

Sites circulating the video, through titles and comments, insinuate officer misconduct. Gothamist labels the NYPD response "violent," and the video has been uploaded under titles like "police brutality."

A uniformed cop was taken to a hospital with facial injuries during the incident, said the New York Post.

It was unclear what caused the injuries or what condition he was listed in.

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