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Traffic stops: 2 tips for questioning subjects

Take note of the timing of a subject’s answers and figure out whether he’s just a fast talker or is there a deceptive strategy in play

I was talking recently with someone who has more than a little experience in law enforcement, and we got to the subject of questioning people at traffic stops. As we’d discussed previously, major busts can come from even the lowest-level traffic violation stops if — repeat, if — the officer making the stop is motivated, creative, and laser-focused on spotting key indicators that could flag a much bigger crime than speeding.

There are countless examples, of this. In fact, I would be particularly interested in your own story about making a big bust stemming initially from a “minor” traffic violation. It might make for a great column topic sometime down the line, so add a comment below or send me an email with a quick summary of the arrest.

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