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3 cops talk about busting police impersonators

Watching the headlines in the past few months it’s been my observation that there has been an increase in the arrest of police impersonators

Maybe it’s just being reported with greater regularity, but by watching the headlines in the past few months it’s been my observation that there has been an increase in the arrest of police impersonators. Just last week, we had the terribly amusing incident in which a firefighter from New Mexico presenting himself as a cop attempted to make a traffic stop — of an actual cop! That incident was eerily similar to one in September of last year  in which a New York man initiated a traffic stop on someone who turned out to be a legitimate detective. Ron White was right: You can’t fix stupid.

Late yesterday, we closed the voting on our most recent PoliceOne poll, “Have you ever busted a police impersonator?” The results of the poll were unsurprising — about 75 percent of the more than 1,000 people who voted said no, they had not, while roughly one quarter had either nabbed an impersonator ‘red-handed in uniform’ or during the course of an investigation.

A small handful of PoliceOne Members sent me stories of the impersonator they busted, and I want to share a couple of them with you. I exchanged email with these officers yesterday, and secured their permission to post their comments (I’ve done no real editing here other than to check spelling and grammar, and tighten up a sentence or two). You’ll note that I’ve set this column to “Secure, LEO-only” despite the fact there really isn’t any tactical information contained herein which would give the bad guys any useful information. I’ve done this to facilitate additional conversation in the comments area. Share your stories my friends. Maybe in so doing, someone out there will have a tool for their belt they didn’t have before clicking onto this column. Okay, let’s get to it...

Must be the Alcohol
While meeting with my officers to give them their updated assignments in the downtown area of Reno (N.V.) during the famed "Hot August Nights" car celebration, we observe a black Crown Vic with tinted windows pull up to our location — mind you, the streets are closed to vehicle traffic.

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