Video: Man TASERed after telling officers he’ll harm their kids

Sean Marcellin was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal before swearing at officers and threatening to harm their children

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — A plainclothes NYPD officer TASERed a man after the suspect threatened to assault officers and harm their children.

CBS New York reports that plainclothes officers pulled over 24-year-old Sean Marcellin for failing to use a turn signal. Several officers approached Marcellin to ask him to step out of the vehicle and show them his license.

Marcellin later began swearing at officers, threatening to assault them before saying “I’m gonna find you and (expletive) up your kids.” After refusing to give out his license and threatening the officers, police pulled Marcellin from his car. The plainclothes officer then fired his TASER at Marcellin, but it didn’t stick, according to the New York Daily News.

The officer again used his TASER and pressed it against the suspect’s chest, which sent him to the ground. Police were then able to gain control of the suspect.



Posted by Jay N.A. Brown Sr. on Thursday, January 11, 2018

The confrontation was broadcast on Facebook Live, which has gotten thousands of views and comments. Some in a Queens community said the officer went too far using the TASER because Marcellin didn’t physically attack the officer.

“He’s not attacking a police officer, they shouldn’t use a taser,” Deborah Ebanks says. “Yes, he was swearing. Yes, he was. But it was no cause for him to taser him.”

Police said they are investigating the officer’s TASER use and whether it was necessary, which is standard protocol.

Marcellin faces several charges, including making terroristic threats.

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