Boston cops give stray dog new lease on life

Officers named the dog Harry and took him back to the station after finding him wandering on the street

By Marie Szaniszlo
Boston Herald

BOSTON — A disheveled stray dog was rescued from this week’s brutal heat and given a much-needed makeover, thanks to two caring Boston cops.

Officer Michael Shikoluk was on patrol Tuesday in Dorchester when he spotted a “seemingly abandoned” dog with matted fur and overgrown nails wandering aimlessly down busy Washington Street, police said.

Before and after: Officers gave the dog a makeover. (Photo/BPD)
Before and after: Officers gave the dog a makeover. (Photo/BPD)

Shikoluk was concerned that the poor pooch might succumb to the heat or get run over, police said, so he carried the dog to his cruiser and brought him back to the District C-11 station.

There, Lt. Beth Leary, known among her colleagues as an inveterate dog lover, contacted The Modern Dog, a Dorchester salon, and paid for the pooch’s transformation from the canine equivalent of Cousin Itt on the 1964 television series “The Addams Family,” to his new, svelte self.

The dog, whom the officers nicknamed “Harry,” was then transported to Boston Animal Control for evaluation.

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