In truth, there is humor: 3 legendary police stories

Storytelling in law enforcement has a rich history of learning through laughter

It’s no secret that most cops eventually develop a somewhat twisted perspective on their role in society. This is usually manifested as a rather dark sense of humor. We can laugh ourselves silly over events that make the blood of ordinary citizens run cold.

While I have learned the hard way that we must re-live and laugh at these stories behind closed doors, such stories can be important lessons for rookies and serve to bond a shift or department together in positive ways. I think it is important for legendary officers and legendary incidents to be immortalized in storytelling.

I will spin a few tales here for your enjoyment. They’re all true (or mostly so).

The Mystery of the Sick, Twisted Cult
Before I begin, do you know the difference between a child’s fairy tale and a police story? A fairy tale always begins with: “Once upon a time...” whereas a police story generally begins with: “Now, this is truth — no BS!”

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