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N.J. police quarrel over ticketing quota claims

Some officers have come forward saying that there are certain numbers they have to meet, while others reject the claim

By Julia Terruso

EAST ORANGE, N.J. — Seven members of the East Orange Police Department said during in-person interviews that in the past two years, and most aggressively in recent months, the chief has instituted a quota system, demanding more summonses, arrests, pedestrian and motorist stops with little justification.

Determining whether East Orange is using quotas in an attempt to bring in more income or simply uses data to promote proactive policing in a high-crime city is a gray area confronting departments nationwide. In Camden, the police union recently filed a suit against the city alleging unfair punishment for refusing to meet quota.

Chief William Robinson, a 30-year-veteran with the department who became chief in 2011, said he does not set or encourage quotas and says officers are misinterpreting his push for aggressive policing. He says the complaints come from a faction of malcontents who "don’t want to work eight hours for eight hours pay."

Full Story: East Orange police quarrel over claims of ticketing quotas

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