Facebook Forum: New scenarios for your simulator

In the first week of May, we asked our Facebook fans what new scenarios they would program into their agencies' use-of-force or driving simulators if they had the option. We were looking for both serious and comical responses, and recieved a good mix of both.  

Below are our top 10 answers. Take a look, and tell us which are your favorite responses, and add your own in the comments section below! 

http://ems.pgpic.com/1.gifOne scenario I always have in the back of my mind is being out on a meal/coffee break and having someone ambush me and my partners. It happened in Lakewood, WA and ever since I always play the ‘what if’ game while out on C-7. Often times we get relaxed while eating and chatting it up that we forget to scan who is coming in that restaurant that could potentially be a threat. Bottom line is always watch your six and be ready to engage! — Mark Rangel

http://ems.pgpic.com/2.gifPatrolling a sorority beach bikini party with a crazed gunman on the loose... Take him out and you’re a hero invited back to the bikini party! — Dan Pleckham

http://ems.pgpic.com/3.gifVery much so active shooter, mall or school. With off duty, and other responders on scene, perhaps even normal armed citizens. — Todd Korson

http://ems.pgpic.com/4.gifHave the bad guy be a close family member/friend and see it the officers would still shoot — Roger Paul Yates

http://ems.pgpic.com/5.gifYou conduct a suspicious persons' investigation, upon locating the individuals it is revealed they are Justin Timberlake and the other man from the D*** in a Box skit...reactions would be priceless — Erich Goetz

http://ems.pgpic.com/6.gifAn active shooter situation where someone is impersonating a police officer or security officer. The fake officer would look almost exactly like a real officer would; perhaps he is shooting at an off duty/plain clothed officer as well. It may seem far-fetched but remember, in Norway that man dressed as a police officer and opened fire on people. It can happen. — Garrett Moriarty

http://ems.pgpic.com/7.gifReal scenario — a young teenager or child with a gun. — Heather Betz

http://ems.pgpic.com/8.gifShooting from seated patrol car — Ricardo Soto

http://ems.pgpic.com/9.gifHow about a scenario where you conduct a traffic stop and upon approach of the vehicle you hear a voice or noise coming from the trunk. — Joe Rick

http://ems.pgpic.com/10.gifTraffic stop on a troll who hates police but trolls police related sites. Subdue with a blackjack to the ear hole. —​ Don Adler

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