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Video of Calif. police entering house, TASERing man criticized

Officers arrived at the home because of a domestic disturbance call, and wanted to confirm everyone was safe

By PoliceOne Staff

COTATI, Calif. — A video of a man and his wife refusing to let officers into their home after a domestic disturbance call has raised questions about whether the officers acted correctly when they entered and TASERed the man.

James Wood, 33, was arguing loudly with his wife when a neighbor apparently called 911, prompting police to arrive at his front door minutes later, according to CBS Bay Area.

Wood claimed that four officers appeared, each with their weapons drawn, demanding to come inside the home.

“I asked several times, ‘What am I being accused of?’” Wood told news sources. “And when they didn’t answer, I asked, ‘do you have a search warrant?’ And they said, ‘No, we don’t need one.’ And I was like, ‘you’re not getting in here. I am not opening that door.’”

The video shows the officers force their way into the home and fire an ECD at Wood, causing his wife to shriek.

In a press release, Cotati Police said the officers’ actions were justified because it was a call for domestic violence, and as such, the officers could not leave without making sure everyone inside the apartment was safe.

“To do so would be a neglect of duty,” said the statement. “Due to the exigent circumstances, the officers were forced to kick the door open in order to enter the apartment. Constitutional law allows for officers to make entries under these types of circumstances without a warrant.”

Wood was arrested and charged with obstructing an officer and false imprisonment, according to the article. 

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