Book Excerpt: True Police Stories of the Strange & Unexplained

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Ingrid P. Dean's "True Police Stories of the Strange & Unexplained" which details first-hand accounts of officers who have had miraculous on-duty experiences. Dean's book can be purchased here.

I checked the driver's license and all looked good, until I noticed his rear plates were expired. I told the driver that the vehicle would have to be towed and the plates confiscated. I asked him to have a seat in the rear of my police car so that I could write a ticket for expired plates. He complied and got into my car.

At about that time, my supervisor showed up to keep an eye on the other people in the car. I got into my police car, directly in front of the driver, who was seated in back of me. Very shortly after I began explaining to him how to get his car out of impound, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Police officers learn to pay attention to that! I suddenly felt something or someone, push me out the driver door, and it definitely wasn’t the subject in the back seat. It was something unseen, like an entity!

At that same time, this “entity” told me to get my gun out right away, as it was pushing me out of the vehicle, and then to confront the man who was still seated in the back of my patrol car.

(Image courtesy Sgt. Ingrid P. Dean) True Police Stories of the Strange & Unexplained can be purchased here.
(Image courtesy Sgt. Ingrid P. Dean) True Police Stories of the Strange & Unexplained can be purchased here.

I immediately pulled open the rear door as instructed, and my mouth dropped open. I saw him raising a 9mm hand gun which had been hidden between his legs. The barrel was still pointed at the back of the front seat, right where I was seated! I had gotten out and drew my weapon so fast that it took him by complete surprise. I called my supervisor over and we wrestled the loaded weapon away from him.


My partner had investigated many natural death situations before, but this was my first. Although she looked peaceful, she was obviously deceased.

I checked her pulse carefully, just as a matter of showing concern. She lay under the bed covers, wearing a soft paisley nightgown, with one hand on her heart—an unforeseen victim of a heart attack. We were told she was an active, spirited member of the community and highly vivacious. Although almost eighty, no one expected her to go this soon. I chuckled at the spicy romance novel sitting on the nightstand.

Her body was stiff to the touch and her face was an ash gray with deep lines indicating a joyful, happy life. I could tell she liked to smile. As usual, I lifted the bed covers to make sure nothing about the death appeared suspicious. While my partner continued taking notes, I phoned the coroner. The lady’s daughter went downstairs to get us some coffee and give us space. We didn’t object. It was a kind, warm environment. We were in no hurry to leave.

My partner bent over the body, to check the carotid artery for a pulse once more—a standard operating procedure. I commented, “She’s been dead over an hour. I don’t know why we always overstress this crap.”

At that moment, the dead lady’s hand slipped off her chest and her chin and chest rose, as if to clear an airway from her throat to her heart. She took a deep, powerful breath, and then exhaled with seemingly deliberate intent! The breath was commanding, quick, and authoritative. We both jumped back in shock.

My partner dropped his pen and let out a suppressed shriek and said, “Oh shit! She’s still alive!” His expression was priceless. I’m sure mine was, too...No sooner had I finished talking when the dead lady suddenly took another desperate gasp for more air—sending me springing backwards in alarm, like a scared kitten, nearly tripping on my shoes. I thought this is far from normal!  I exclaimed, “Holy shit! This is crazy. She is dead. This ain’t right!” And then she took another frantic distressed heave for air.

I thought, She’s trying to resume her life again—or give me a heart attack!

“It’s-it’s like she’s trying to jump start herself back to life,” my partner gasped. It was as if he had just read my mind.


Luckily, this patrol was a two man patrol unit. Unfortunately, his partner was use to working the desk and not the streets. The partner placed the male suspect in a full naked choke hold.  The male jumped up and dropped backwards onto the officer, and when the officer hit the ground,  his weapon came free from his holster.  

Upon hearing the gun hit the ground the male subject quickly picked it up. Both officers took cover while the subject held the gun up in the air and yelled, repeatedly, “What are you going to do now?” 

The first officer the called over the radio 10-33 (officer needs help) subject with an officer’s gun. When the dispatcher heard this cry for help he responded all patrols 10-33 pike field.  I then hit the lights and started that way, knowing I was a good five minutes out, going 10 mph over, so I requested to run code three..  When I received clearance I then knew I could make it in about two to three minutes.

When I was about 45 seconds out from the scene, I noticed a dim golden light shielding my vehicle. Then a voice rang out so softly “do not fire, no one will be hurt”. Upon arriving to the scene I noticed I was the second patrol unit there and they attempted to use a four oz. can of OC spray on the suspect. It did not have an effect on the subject. 

Just before I climbed out of my vehicle I noticed the golden shield was brighter and covered all of the patrols on scene.  I heard the voice again.  It said “do not fire, you will be fine”. As I pulled my weapon out, I had the subject in my line of sight. He started waving the gun around like a mad man. So far, he had not pointed the gun at anything but the sky. As I approached the rear of the lead vehicle, the subject looked up at the gun and then dropped it. He fell to his knees, not saying a word, or even making a move other than breathing.  

After apprehending this subject, the golden light vanished like it was never there. It was such a strange phenomena and I’d never seen something like that before.

True Police Stories of the Strange & Unexplained can be purchased here.

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