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Top 5 police videos of June

By PoliceOne Staff

In June, police on patrol came into contact with everything from false alarms to very real threats to flaring tempers. 

Tell us which videos make your top picks in the comments below, and be sure to keep uploading good finds to BLUtube.


LA police storm gaming studio guarded by life-size dummy

Police were responding to a silent alarm when they raided an office, and found a masked, armed character in the window.


Ohio man flees cops, killed in dramatic shootout

One officer was hit in the arm and vest but has since recovered and is back on duty.


Texas cop attacked by monkey at traffic stop

The rookie ran back to his Sgt. to tell him he'd been bit by a monkey while writing a citation.


La. officer pulling over fellow cop prompts spat

The officers were given verbal counseling following the heated exchange.


Driver goads officer into his losing temper

The officer approached the vehicle after it circled a crime scene several times.




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