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Video: Police TASER suicidal man hanging from bridge

Bystanders filmed as police used the ECD to remove the man from the highway overpass

The Daily Mail

FRESNO, Calif. — An amateur cameraman captured the moment that police TASERed an apparently suicidal man as he hung from the edge of a freeway overpass, sending him plummeting towards the ground. Footage of the incident shows the man falling about 15ft from the overpass near Fresno, California, into an air cushion set up to break his fall.

As officers attempt to talk down the man, who is facing away from them, the tell-tale flash of laser sights begin to flicker across his lower back. 

Suddenly, 53 seconds into the clip, the man shrieks in agony and clutches his backside, before dropping backwards and apparently smacking his head on the edge of the Fire Department cherry picker — which stops him from falling. Although the footage is unclear, emergency services personnel then appear to lean over and push the man off the side of the bridge on to the inflatable, which police and firefighters have hurriedly pushed square beneath him.

Full Story: Police taser 'suicidal' man as he hangs from the edge of a freeway overpass... as bystanders tell them to 'let him go'

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