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Pa. union president faces backlash on moonlighting restrictions

Sgt. Michael LaPorte says he was 'preoccupied' and might have 'mistakenly' read a portion of a labor agreement which tightens restrictions on off-duty work

By Liz Navratil
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

PITTSBURGH — In the three days after the president of the Pittsburgh police union signed an agreement allowing new rules on police officer moonlighting, he attempted twice to back out of it.

Sgt. Michael LaPorte said he was "preoccupied" and might have "mistakenly" read a portion of an agreement tightening restrictions on police officer moonlighting but later realized the deal did not benefit some officers who made a profit from scheduling other officers' off-duty work.

The sergeant spoke Monday amid rumors that some officers in the department hope to impeach him, possibly raising the topic at a union meeting later this week. The agreement, which he signed Nov. 21, gave approval to a new policy that prohibited officers from receiving cash for their off-duty work or for receiving money for scheduling other officers' off-duty work.

Full Story: Pittsburgh police union president attempted to back out of moonlighting rules

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