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Trending topics: Why you should always check the trunk

By PoliceOne Staff

You know the saying – there’s no such thing as a routine traffic stop. Cops can uncover any number of things while searching a suspect’s vehicle – ranging from the hazardous to the bizarre. From heroic rescues of kidnap victims to a startling encounter with a ‘dead’ animal, these five videos highlight why you should always check the trunk. Watch and share you own encounters below.


Cops find fugitive hiding in car trunk

Dash cam footage captures officers as they discover a man wanted on multiple felony warrants hiding in the trunk of a car during a traffic stop.


'Dead' deer springs from trunk, startles cop

The deer, which police thought was dead, scrambles out of the squad's trunk and runs off.


Woman hides 3 children in trunk of car

A highway patrol officer stops a woman and uncovers three children hidden in the trunk of her vehicle.

Officers rescue kidnapped man from car trunk

The officers were honored for their quick thinking when they knew a traffic stop seemed off.

SC troopers rescue kidnapped mother from car trunk

Dash cam video captures state troopers as they rescue a kidnapping victim trapped in the trunk of a car.



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