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Using creative tactics to overcome transportation obstacles

Submitted by PoliceOne Staff

A report about Baltimore officers getting to work during a blizzard is a great testament to the spirit of truly dedicated and motivated law enforcement personnel. Regardless of the challenges the officers in these snow blasted areas are facing, they're living by a powerful adage taught for years in the Street Survival Seminar: IMPROVISE, ADAPT and OVERCOME!

As you watch the coverage of these catastrophic weather events, take notes. The lessons learned by the officers in these areas and the creative tactics and techniques they use to overcome obstacles may come in useful for you should a related catastrophe hit your area.

Think about things like transportation challenges — how are you going to get to where you need to be if your "normal" mode(s) of transportation are no longer available. How about family preparation — given the circumstances, these officers are forced to spend long amounts of time away from their homes and families and they aren't able to be there to help. Have you crafted a plan with your family about what they should do, where they should go and who they should call for assistance should catastrophe hit and you're not there to help?

When you're discussing this, consider any type of catastrophe that could hit — Haz-Mat incident, mass power outage, terrorist incident, major weather crisis, etc. — and craft your plans accordingly.

Our best to the officers we're reading about who, even in the face of the major challenges they're facing, are finding a way to do what they have sworn to — and are called to — do!

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