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Work your stop plan, not the driver’s

Submitted by PoliceOne Staff

When pulling over a vehicle, make sure you execute the stop where you want to, not where the suspect driver leads you. Just as you look for safe locations to stage contacts (to the best of your ability, of course) a plotting suspect bent on escape or attack can be looking for as unsafe a location as he can find.

If you hit the lights in a well lit stretch of highway with plenty of shoulder room but the driver keeps driving for a minute or two until reaching an overpass high off the ground, take note. If there is little wiggle room between the side of the car, and a plunge to the pavement below could be fatal, definitely take note.

There is a good chance he didn't miss you in his rearview mirror; he has seen an opportunity to put you in a tactically compromising position. Same goes for leading you into remote or poorly lit areas.

Remember that you should be the one in control of your stops. If you don’t like where a driver pulls over, don’t hesitate to use your PA to direct him to another location. If he refuses to listen, don’t assume he’s just dim-witted and confused. In fact, he could be quite the opposite.

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