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Muscle strength versus body mechanics

Submitted by Captain Greg Brown

Too often I witness our officers concentrating on body size instead of body mechanics.

Strength is one of many valuable tools, however we need to remember that is it just one of many tools. Attempts to use muscle alone may get you in a position you don’t care to be in. We have our entire body weight — and all its mechanics — to work at our demand.

Learning mechanics such as foot positioning, hand positioning, body angles — and how to make then all work in any direction you move — is key in any law enforcement environment.

I've seen a small 175-pound man Judo throw a 285-pound man over his shoulders. This was certainly not strength alone. When you understand body movement and body mechanics you will be able to redefine your true strength at maximum potential using less energy than muscle alone. This fact alone may save your life when adrenaline is high and time is everything!

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