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Montreal police patrol a back alley after a riot broke out and an officer was shot in the leg Sunday in the same neighborhood where a man was killed by the police a day earlier. (AP Photo) Full story
Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins was killed in Dec. 2000 by Michael Rodriguez, member of the "Texas 7" prison escapees. Rodriguez is set to become the first of the six surviving convicts to be executed on August 14th. (AP Photo) Full story
Emergency response officials rush to the scene of a bus accident where 14 people died and more than 40 were injured early Friday morning in Sherman, Texas. (AP Photo) Full story
New Hanover, N.C. detention officer Tarica Ann Pulliam, 27, was ambushed and shot yesterday outside her home by ex-boyfriend Anthony Antwand Bowen, who killed himself Thursday afternoon. (AP Photo) Full story
Ileana Pettit, wife of slain federal agent Donald Pettit, pleads for help in finding her husband's killer at a news conference. More than 200 law enforcement officers have been looking for the gunman. Full story

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