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Prince George's County Chief of Police Melvin High (right) talks about the death of Ronnie White. Authorities say the death of White in his jail cell after he was charged with killing a police officer has been ruled a homicide. (AP Photo) Full story
Corrections officers Randy Whitman, right, and Chris Dodge stand guard at the entrance of the Maine State Prison where an inmate took 2 people hostage. (AP Photo) Full story
SCPD captain Steve Clark and CSO Reina Romero say they have become more popular and boosted recruitment since acquiring 4 all-terrain vehicles. (Photo courtesy of Bill Lovejoy/Sentinel) Full story
In 2007, Chicago police seized more than 13,000 guns, but while fewer than 75 people were picked up for failing to register their handguns, thousands were arrested on charges of unlawful use. (AP photo)
Full story
Sheriff deputies stand outside the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Sub-Station in Mesa, Ariz. during Sheriff Joe Arpaio's crackdown of immigration and other criminal violators. (AP Photo) Full story

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