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Police officials say the high-tech chopper's sweeps of the city landmarks and other potential targets are invaluable to the NYPD's post-Sept. 11 mission of guarding against another attack. (AP Photo) Full Story
Alvin Lee Morris was arrested in connection with the decades old slaying of Roger Lee "Rabbit" Shifflett. Morris married the victim's widow nearly a year-and-a-half after Shifflett's killing. (AP Photo) Full Story
With gasoline climbing toward $4 a gallon, police officers around the country are losing the right to take their patrol cars home and are being forced to double up in cruisers and walk the beat more ... Full Story
A drunken driver crashed into a Vermillion County sherrif's cruiser along Indiana 63 near Newport, Ind. The crash caused minor injuries to both drivers and totaled both cars. (AP Photo) Full Story
Investigators starting digging on the property formerly occupied by Charles Manson and his followers after forensic evidence indicated there might be undiscovered graves on the site. Full Story

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