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A member of a motorcycle honor guard salutes as the bodies of two slain DeKalb Co. officers pass during a memorial service Wed. The officers were killed while working off duty security at an apartment complex. Full Story (AP Photo/John Amis)
Security officers for Cincinnati Special Police, an Ohio private security firm, are not provided police radios but do carry firearms and have police powers. When the firm's security officers were involved in a gun battle, they called 911, only to be put on hold. Watch News Report
The LAPD and CHP were involved in a wild pursuit of bank robbers that involved cash being thrown from the suspects' car, over 100 mph pursuits, and a mall being locked down. Two suspects are in custody, and police are looking for at least two more. Full Story
Mexican officials have captured a leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the country's most important drug trafficking organizations. Rivalries between Mexican cartels have led to violence that has spilled across the border. Full Story
Delano (CA) PD held its first gun buy back program in hopes of getting guns off the street. According to Chief Mark DeRosia, the effort was a success and will be repeated in the future. Watch News Report

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