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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference, Thursday. Police in Syracuse, Rochester and Elmira arrested 87 people in a drug sweep as part of "Operation Thunder and Lightning," a series of investigations by the state Organized Crime Task Force. (AP Photo/Mike Groll) Full Story
Police in Little Rock, Ark. recently placed officers in banks to combat a string a robberies. A would-be robber apparently didn't hear about this new program as he tried to rob a bank with a uniformed officer in the lobby. Watch Video
Across the country, hundreds of communities have installed surveillance cameras as a labor-saving way to cut down on crime and improve public safety. The police chief of Charleston, S.C. is pushing for the use of this crimefighting tool, but is seeing some resistance. (AP Photo/Jeff Gentner) Full Story
A brawl erupted at San Diego's Pacific Beach Monday, forcing police to don riot gear. The altercation started after a group of partiers refused to comply with a police order that they put away their water slide. (AP) Watch Video
Police patrol Sydney Harbour on jets skis near the Sydney Opera House as security for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum increases in Sydney, Australia, Monday. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

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