Video: Discrimination in kissing cop case?

The dash-cam video shows the female officer caressing and kissing the chief while a suspect sleeps in the back

By PoliceOne Staff

MASSILLON, Ohio — More than a year ago, a dash cam captured a female police officer kissing and caressing her then-married police chief while a burglary suspect slept in the back seat of their cruiser.

Officer Janine England, 30, tried to resign after the incident, but was instead fired. Chief Timothy Escola, 57, retired and has since been allowed to collect a pension.

She filed a case with the EEOC and federal officials have since ruled her firing discriminatory, saying she was released because she is a woman. The township of Massillon, Ohio, which controls the police force, could face a six-figure fine if the case is referred to the Department of Justice.

The dash-cam video shows England caressing and kissing Escola while the suspect sleeps in the back. The chief receives her affection openly and reciprocates while he drives.

Escola says he was never threatened with termination and has called the firing of England biased.

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